The Cupcake Cartel gets the job done!

What we do

Through the ages, Melee Battle has been the ultimate test of skill and courage. We the chosen have taken this test to the next level. We are an organized group of soldiers that concur the battle field through our excellence in organized battles of melee and sorcery.

Who are we

We are the "chosen". A fellowship of dedicated players that dominate the battlefield through proven strategy's and teamwork. This is who we are. Think you have what it takes. Prove it!

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Where to find us

You will need to create a battle tag to be able to join one of our groups. 

Open Go to your Account Manager.  On the left side of the page create a Battletag.  Log into vent (see info below).  Scroll down until you locate the room labeled "WAITING ROOM".  Enter the channel and sit tight, one of the BG leader`s will see you and drag you down to the WAR ROOM.

Log into:  Rathamus of Nathrezim's Ventrilo server                                                                                                                                                                         Host IP/Name:                                                                                                                                                                                                   Port:  4135

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